Building Rural Networks for Climate-Adaptive Agriculture.

FARM LIFE project contributes to a climate resilient Europe by developing and demonstrating innovative adaptation technologies and approaches for the transition of conventional agriculture towards climate resilient agroforestry.

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31 mei 2022

FARM LIFE blikt terug


18 mei 2022

Inzichten van een agroforestry ondernemer by John Heesakkers


18 mei 2022

Praktische planvorming Agroforestry by Dyon Temming

What we do -

The area of action of
FARM LIFE is the Netherlands and Belgium.

FARM LIFE not only aims to create agricultural networks but also strives to share practical information.

The project 

The ambition of the FARM LIFE project is to make a tangible contribution to a climate-proof Europe. We take the challenge to facilitate the transition from a landscape with conventional monoculture systems to a resilient landscape with diversified agricultural production systems, such as agroforestry.

Short discription

The European Union has clearly identified and set priorities for the rural development in its member states. Addressing the challenges of how to enhance the viability and competitiveness of agriculture while restoring, preserving and enhancing ecosystems requires an integrated approach that would allow an effective transition towards a climate adaptive agriculture in this time of climate change.

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The project Farming the Future – Building Rural Networks for Climate-Adaptive Agriculture – FARM LIFE – is co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union under contract number LIFE17 CCA/NL/000093.