After five fruitful years of the Farm-Life project, it is now time to present the harvest. Farm-Life is the EU project for climate-resilient agroforestry (www.Farm-Life.eu). We did it together! Dutch and Flemish farmers, research and educational institutions, product developers, chain actors, and governments made this a success story.
Collectively we experimented in agricultural fields and forest, worked thoroughly to co-create profitable business models, contributed to solve regulatory mazes, and generated and shared knowledge through agroforestry networks. We are proud of all the farmers that have made the transition to agroforestry and with whom we have the honor to collaborate. That is why we are coming together on Thursday the 25th of April, to share our discoveries and celebrate this successful collaboration. You are cordially invited to join us online for an inspiring webinar with international researchers, policy makers, farmers, industry leaders and educators.
We hereby give you a preliminary program overview of the webinar. We hope to host you during the whole program but you are free to choose the presentation that interest you the most as this is designed as a selfcontained mini-webinar.
With kind regards,
Euridice Leyequién Abarca
Professor Management of Forested Landscapes 


Want to join this webinar? Please register before 22 April by filling out the online form. We hope you can join us online on thursday the 25th of April!